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Who is
behind HBB?

Hanseatic Break Bulk is a young, innovative and dynamic shipping company, acting as an independent Shipbroker and Tramp Agency. HBB is striving to combine the traditional elements of shipping and elevating those to the modern level of today’s market, with its ever growing complexity. At Hanseatic Break Bulk, senior experience and young talents work hand in hand under one roof, with the ultimate goal to develop an individual, suitable, tailor-made transportation proposal for each and every client. We can consult the customer at any stage of the supply chain process, starting from the very early start of the inquiry, over the contractual negotiations phase, the execution of the transportation, or last but not least at the close out phase, which is usually a stage that is widely underestimated.

Who sets the
course at HBB?

The founder and main shareholder of HBB Hanseatic Break Bulk GmbH, Mr. André Milschus is an experienced Break Bulk expert. He is familiar with Heavy Lift and Project cargoes, it‘s needs and demands on the supply and vendor side. In more than 15 years of working experience in the break bulk segment, he generated a large global network of maritime contacts to source from. Since 2015, he is now heading a small team of young and experienced experts, in order to develop the brand name Hanseatic Break Bulk, and to create further awareness of HBB’s service portfolio to enlarge the base of trusted customers, that HBB provides maritime transport solutions for.


Since 2014, HBB Hanseatic Break Bulk GmbH follows the order „Anchor up“ and set full speed ahead with course Project Cargo Transportation. Hanseatic Break Bulk is built on traditional Hanseatic values: Honor, Reputation, Reliability, our word is our bond and last but not least communication skills. These values have proven to be the essence and guarantee for a fair trade. Hanseatic Break Bulk represents ships from various specifications, ranging from Tug and Barge solutions, Coaster to highly specialized vessels, and is the link to these for our trusted customers, locally available 24/7. Centrally located in the heart of central Europe, Hamburg is home for a significant amount of Engineering firms, Project forwarders, and Construction companies.


In our capacity as an experienced, independent shipbroker we offer commercial services in a large variety, tailor-made for our clients demands. Our strength is the design and execution of maritime transport solutions and concepts for heavy and demanding cargoes. HBB considers itself as a Broker+ service provider, which means the Team of HBB actively cares for your transport from the very beginning to final delivery on site by managing the logistical interfaces to avoid stoppages, wrong information exchange, etc. This all is leading to a better transport experience and a limited exposure of our clients internal resources.

We would be pleased to explain you our complete service portfolio, including project references in more detail during a telephone call, by Email or even better in a personal meeting at your convenience at your site.

Contractual consulting

In order for your Charter Party to become as watertight as the hatch covers of the respective ocean going vessel, that you are about to charter, HBB offers the service to guide you independently on Pro’s and Con’s of all relevant and going Charter Party and Booking Note forms. HBB offers to assist during the negotiation phase as a consultant. In addition, HBB could design bespoke contractual Charter Party drafts, that are individually fitting your industry and challenges. As Charter Parties are as old as the shipping industry itself, there are lots of contractual forms on the market with points that require make up, to meet the latest industry developments. Most commonly used in break bulk transportation are Heavyliftvoy, Conline2000, SupplyTime and Gencon Charter Partys. Combined with the contractual and practical experience of HBB, it will be a benefit to any future contractual negotiations to use Hanseatic Break Bulk.

Training & Support

HBB cooperates with the maritime divisions of the Universities of Applied Sciences Bremen and Elsfleth and regularely offers internships for Students of the courses: Shipping & Chartering, International Transport Management (ITM) and Maritime Economics and Port Management (SHW). Provided it is a compulsary element in the degree course, the internship can either last upto 6 month or shorter and can also include the preparation of a Bachelor or Master thesis. Topics of Controlling, Chartering, Legal Affairs, or Market Research can be mutually developed together with the Students. Being a gradute from Elsfleth himself, to offer internships to the next generation is an affair of the heart for André Milschus. Applications shall be send by Email including cover letter and references.

Stowage planning & Engineering

Thanks to its extensive expertise, HBB can source from a large pool of international, multilingual Navel Architects and independent surveyors. We can assist our clients to prepare representative, technical feasability studies, intake studies including stowage and lashing plans, as well as more complex jobs such as mooring plans and Motion Response Analysis. Contact us with your specific requirement and we work something out for you!

Commercial Partner & Representative

Make use of our unique position on the market and have yourselve inspired by our enterpreneurial and positive spirit in our office rooms! At all times, we hold spare desk capacities and offer Shipowners, Forwarders and Trading houses the possibility to create their temporary or permanent second base at our address in Hamburg! Synergy effects from sharing office space are guaranteed and for free!

Worldwide Connections

Hanseatic Break Bulk is the right partner for you also when your transport concerns exotic ports or ultra complex requirements. Our global network of agents and alliance partners, from companies of the Project and MPP Shipping sectors all equally in size and setup, enable us to deliver solutions and answers also to questions that are not standard.

Have you for example ever been faced with the question, where and from whom to order „Arctic Fuel Oil“, or lost a job because the ships you could offer were not suitable in size or length to a loading or discharging port? Talk to us at any time and tell us about your individual challenges and we will bring in our experience to your project for your benefit!

Contact & Address

HBB Hanseatic Break Bulk GmbH
Shipbroker & Tramp Agency
Krayenkamp 9
20459 Hamburg

How to reach us

Phone: +49 40 307 234 36
Mobile: +49 151 114 697 28
Mail: hbb@hanseatic-breakbulk.com

HBB Hanseatic Break Bulk (Austria) GmbH
c/o Deutsche Handelskammer in Österreich
Schwarzenbergplatz 5 Top 3/1
1030 Wien I Austria

How to reach us

Phone: +43 1227 6055
Mobile: +43 6769 7092 61
Mail: hbb@hanseatic-breakbulk.com

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